Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sad goodbye to a new friend

Lotus Europa S2  finds new home

So, for only the second time in 15 years the S2, leaves another comfy garage and moves to a brand new loving home, sad to see her go, but she is going to a better home where she will be cherished, and a special bonus she will join the Yellow Lotus Twin Cam.

Special thanks to the Steve at Yorkshire Navigator 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Lotus Europa S2 - MOT ready

All ready for it's first MOT since 1984

All going very well, road test was very exciting, it all just works, but
Need to fit the seat belts, forgot about then, but we have them so it's just fixing them
Pictures in a bit

Monday, 19 August 2013

1969 Lotus Europa S2 - Good Day

Nice bit of progress over the weekend, nothing major to do, but still need to take care with the project, so after checking all the fuel lines, electrics and vital juices, will she start, well yes she will.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lotus Europa - Diet Plan

Lotus Europe - how big is it?

Well below are the dimensions, the one for me is the 42"

Wheelbase98 in (2,489 mm)
Length175 in (4,445 mm)
Width60 in (1,524 mm)
Height42 in (1,067 mm)

You'll never get in it? Said the vertically challenged on-looker

Why not? 
Funny how you never see yourself as other people see you, but in a nutshell I'm a TAD big to drive this car, but I so do want to.

So if ever there was an incentive to shed a few pounds, here it is, being 6 foot 5 inches, could be a bit of a sticky not to mention me hips, broken collar bones and did I mention my hips, last week I had a couple of goes whilst they were not watching, now with a bit of Harcombe Diet for Men, and muscle memory from the practice, i'm in an out like a gazelle.

So next week is the big week, we have already established everything turns over, the clutch works and we have brakes, considering it has stood for 15 years the oil was in such a clear state we almost tasted it.
1969 Lotus Europa S2 for Sale

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lotus Europa what you got then

First real look by the Boys

Just documentation for now however

1969 Lotus Europa S2 EngineThe guys love the paintwork finish on this Lotus Europa, but they want to start seeing the quality of the mechanical restoration, and has it stood the test of time over the last 15 years?
Well it is still looking all good, they like what they see with the big bit of engineering, which is nice.

Completed 15 years ago, never run, extensive restoration including:

Lotus powder coated chassis and radius arms.
Suspension, steering and brakes rebuilt / restored and parts replaced as required.
All bushes, bearings, seals and mountings replaced.

Engine and Gearbox rebuilt / restored and parts replaced as required.
Carburettor rebuilt / restored and parts replaced as required.
Replacement steel exhaust.
Gear linkage rebuilt / restored and parts replaced as required.
1969 Lotus Europa S2 EngineCould be Gordini head (keep you posted)

Stainless steel water transfer pipes fitted.
All fuel lines and hoses replaced.
All brake lines, pipes, hoses and cables replaced.
All water pipes and hoses replaced.

All electrical parts rebuilt / restored and parts replaced as required.
Battery replaced.

Carpets and under felts were replaced. (spares as well)
Headlining replaced.
Dashboard (teak) replaced. Have originals
Instruments and switches etc rebuilt / restored and parts replaced as required. Rev Counter not accounted for yet
Re trimmed seats and door panels.
Replacement original Lotus inertia seat belts. Not fitted
Seat belt mounts replaced.
Lotus steering wheel restored. Have spares

Bodywork was stripped back to bare fibreglass; it was then correctly prepared and repainted in two pack (this work took over 2 years to complete).
Will confirm colour

All chrome parts re chromed or replaced as required. (have spare bumpers)
Windscreen replaced.
Window frames restored.
Replacement door hinge pins and bushes.
All bodywork bushes, gaskets and rubbers replaced.
Alloy Wheels

All parts either electro plated, powder coated or enamelled.
All fixings, nuts, bolts, washers, screws etc replaced.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lotus Europa first good look

Lotus Europa start of inspection process

A good clean and a bit of TLC

I work to the principle that when you want a true look at a car, then you need to put yourself into OCD mode and give it a good clean, only then can you begin to see what you have.
So nice few hours, with the soapy water, just confirms that this Lotus Europe has not been anywhere for the last 15-20 years.

1969 Lotus Europa S2 for Sale

I will replace this picture at some time, this is a after good cleaning shot, but before any body work polishing.

1969 Lotus Europa S2 front imageJust a quick polish by OCD man looking for any problems or defects, all looking superb considering last time this car was touched, still no sign that this Lotus Europa was not just ready to roll?  So next will be a series of pictures of the internal bodywork, everything is cleaning up so nicely, seems such a shame to let the mechanics loose on it next week? Might need to get them to have a bath first
1969 Lotus Europa S2 from aboveI will add some more aerial shots with the car fully open, when we get a better light and camera, so this isn't your normal view but it does show her off very nicely. so we have come a long way in a week, and I just don't just mean 120 miles, I mean from the picture below to the photographs that are now beginning to come into this Lotus Europa for sale blogspot.

1969 Lotus Europa S2 with bit of dust

Friday, 2 August 2013

Journey back to the Road

1969 Lotus Europa S2

1969 Lotus Europa with Yorkshire Navigator
First time on a road since 1984, well at least for 20 years, so it's on a trailer?
It began its journey nice an early from York to Ashby de La Zouch, the plan now, is to catalog every new component on the car, so we can confirm that the vehicle was fully restored. Special thank you to the Yorkshire Navigator - Steve Webb for all his care and attention to detail, and a very special thank you to Duncan for getting up early to meet and assist loading, and a very very special thank you to Pauline who slept through the entire event.

1969 Lotus Europa with Yorkshire Navigator

So a couple of hours later the Lotus Europe arrives in the East Midland's her new home for a few weeks, this will be the hub of the project, luckily we have every single piece of evidence of how extensive the rebuild was, it's just a documentation job.